Ganja Tales

It all begins with writing for me; specifically three cannabis screenplays.

THE OSIPENKO FILE is a Cannabis Comedy Musical Political Satire

Logline: A time-traveling, gender-bending Bolshevik poster girl accidentally let out of an ice-coffin in the Kremlin basement roars back to life seeking revenge only to discover she doesn’t have to be loyal to a regime that represses people. So she kills Stalin and destroys Communism.

Oh, she also legalizes marijuana in Russia – a decidedly tall order for just such a woman as Major Svetlana Osipenko, the secret service hottie with a smokin’- hot body. She’s cute, she’s kooky, and most assuredly in need of some anger-management classes! This story is a musical romp through 420 Land long ago in Mother Russia, with eerie parallels to life in America today.

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SOUTHERN BUD is a Cannabis Comedy Musical Farce

Logline:  Five Southern Belles use all their womanly charms to outsmart traitors and assassins to prevent the Civil War by getting Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis together to free the slaves and make fabled Southern Bud marijuana available to all.

Yes – the Belles – everyone loves the Belles! And what’s not to like as they’re oh so beautiful in their pastel Antebellum dresses? Gorgeous, I tell you, just gorgeous. And clever, like all Southern girls. Now picture them on the bow of a boat coming at you on the ocean … they’re singing loudly and joyously because they are the Belles on the boat with the buds. Are you kidding me? Southern Girls who smoke weed? Hell yeah! Who wouldn’t want to be out sailing with them?







GANJA TALES is a Drama

Logline: A brother battles demons both inside and out while driving his sister cross-country to Seattle to grow legal marijuana for her epilepsy seizures and his Iraq War PTSD.  But when his sister is kidnapped, an ex-stripper with ESP teaches him that violence alone won’t save her.

The entire premise of Ganja Tales is a brother’s love for his sister. So we have a sibling love story. I have a sister. And I would like to think that if she were ill and I could do something about it that I would do what Tony does for his sister Katie in Ganja Tales: drive her cross-country to get her some 420 healing.

Ganja Tales, then, is a road story about love, liberation, and medicinal marijuana. The B Character is interesting. She’s Tiffany, an ex-stripper with ESP who ramps up big-time to help Tony and Katie as they head west in an old Chevy Suburban with four friends. Sure, weird stuff happens. It’s dramatic. People die. Ganja Tales has good values; it’s real. You can feel it. And yes, love triumphs in the end. This is a story one can hold up as evidence that decent human beings still exist. That’s not a bad message to pedal in this age of ugliness and lies, is it?




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