Good News!

My Southern Bud cannabis comedy was one of 17 winners at Scriptapalooza’s worldwide comedy short contest, putting me in the top 4 percent of the entrants. Bottom line? Winning scripts are sent to their network of producers, managers and agents to start relationships with the new writers. As for me, I’m ready, willing and able. LOL.

And just last week I thought Atlas Entertainment Director of Development Topher Rhys-Lawrence was going to jump at the full-length Southern Bud screenplay when he said it has “humor and heart.” Alas, I believe the genre mashup threw him: Antebellum cannabis comedy. What can I say? My freaking mind goes all over the place!

 Moreover, back in June Southern Bud was a quarterfinalist in ScreenCraft’s annual comedy feature competition.

 Ah swear, this li’l ol’ Antebellum comedy featuring five gorgeous Southern Belles keeps turning heads, just as the ladies do! Only a matter of time now.


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