The Osipenko File

The Osipenko File was originally created as a fund raising skit for Ganja Tales, the Movie. Since the initial vision the scope has grown and is now a 90-minute feature film. Included is the first skit, “Out of the Ice,” which introduces Major Svetlana Osipenko, a secret service hottie with a smokin’-hot body. She has been dug out of an ice-coffin in the Kremlin basement by Boris and Vladimir, two laborers sent to straighten the place up. Buried in the ice by Papa Stalin himself during his purges in 1936, she’s a wee bit cold. Blue as a matter of fact.

I built her to be crazy, kooky, zany and kitschy, and to draw a million hits. She drinks a little too much rotgut vodka, and she hates ganja. It’s comedic, to be sure.

Additional skits rolled into the film include “Clothes for the Commie” and Interrogating Prisoner 420,” as well as an undercover mission to infiltrate the “420 Woods” and bring down the Bolshevik regime.

2017 will bring more news and updates about our good comrade Major Osipenko.